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  • Mark Palliser

    I have no idea how old the add on your website is so please forgive me if this is a really old add but do you still have the moulds and jigs for sale .
    regards Mark.

  • Dominic Peel

    Hi, can you tell me what car the front wishbones are from or were they bespoke, also can you tell me what the front hubs are off

  • admin

    Hello Dominic,
    The later M6GTR with fabricated box chassis had bespoke front wishbones. I might I have got a spare set or 2 made, but I do have the jigs. The uprights are listed as VW. I do not have the actual part number for the hubs.
    best regards

  • pierre michel

    As said by phone, we would be interrested in your chassis. Please give your price at this address :

  • nigel

    hey is this site active? does anybody know the whereabouts of the moulds and jigs? any info would be great. cheers , nigel

  • nigel

    please contact me re chassis jigs if they are still knocking about somewhere, same goes for the moulds

  • admin

    Hello Nigel,
    Sincere apologies for not replying sooner to your enquiries. unfortunately this delay is due to my ongoing ill health.

    We had decided last year that we would prefer to sell every UVA M6 GTR part as a complete package only.

    All the Body Moulds & the Chassis Jig are safely stored together with 2 Body Sets & 2 Chassis in one Dry area.

    The original UVA M6GTR Body & Chassis which were part built by me is at our home.
    We also have the Suspension Jigs & remaining UVA Store Parts Packed in boxes in our Garage.

    I have a long list prepared with all the Main Parts on it.

    There are 2 Websites included also.

    best regards,
    Bruce & Gini Neale

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